Friday, November 7, 2014

Versatile Outdoor Furniture in Indianapolis for Year-Round Patios

Keeping Them Chic Of course, when you make the most of these furnishings or leave them outdoors all through the seasons, they’re bound to show the after effects of use and exposure to the natural elements. You may find spills, stains, rust, and other signs of wear and tear, particularly after large gatherings. It’s therefore important to consider the ease of maintenance and versatility when selecting patio furniture in Indianapolis from established stores like Wicker Works of Brownsburg. Choose ones with simple upkeep or storage requirements, such as those made of all-weather rattan and wicker, which are easy-care items that are topnotch in style to boot. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep them chic for seasons and years to come.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wicker Furniture in Indianapolis: Perfect for Indoor, Outdoor Settings

Home styling gets a high-tech makeover Lately, manufacturers have gone a step further to create outdoor furnishings using artificial wicker composed of plastic and resin, as an alternative to heavy and expensive metal lawn furniture. These pieces are twice as durable as natural wicker and can be fabricated in different colors that won’t scratch off or fade. These new furniture pieces are just as lightweight and strong and not many homeowners can even tell the difference nowadays. Choosing between natural and artificial wicker is a matter of personal preference. Both are cost-effective and provide tremendous aesthetic value. When shopping for wicker furniture in Indianapolis, ask an experienced reseller like Wicker Works of Brownsburg for advice on the kind of wicker that is best for you.