Saturday, May 10, 2014

Outdoor Furniture from Indianapolis Stores to Spice up the Balcony

Nearly every apartment or house with at least a couple of storeys will have a balcony that provides a great view of the surrounding area. However, you might want to recharge your batteries by sitting back and relaxing on quality outdoor furniture in Indianapolis, such as wicker-based affairs.

There’s nothing wrong with going for a house/apartment with a balcony. In fact, many houses in Indy sport balconies of various sizes, foremost being a rather unique 26,000-square-foot mansion at 4923 Kessler Blvd East Drive, which has a single balcony wrapping the second floor. When you have a more modest balcony that needs some furniture love, you can count on stores such as Wicker Works of Brownsburg to light the way.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Decking out your Office at Home with Quality Furniture in Indianapolis

Staying at home to work full-time, particularly when running a home-based business or practice, requires some good furniture to make your clients feel at home.

The bevy of suburban and rural spaces, along with the centralized issuance of operating licenses, makes Indiana a wonderful place to start your own business. The state already holds events designed to help home-based business owners set up with minimum hassle. If you just prepped an extra room at home as an office, why not add color to it through durable furniture in Indianapolis like the kind you can buy at Wicker Works of Brownsburg?