Sunday, June 15, 2014

Create a True Tropical Feel with Outdoor Furniture in Indianapolis

"Use light furniture Bulky, heavy furniture aren’t tropical at all. Wicker is the popular—and classic—summer choice. You can combine wicker furniture with accents, such as light green walls, shabby-chic pillows, and farmhouse-style windows for a perfect, old-fashioned summertime lounging. Stores like Wicker Works of Brownsburg that sell beautiful Indianapolis patio furniture are good places to jumpstart your redecorating plans. Simulate flowing water Flowing water is one of the most relaxing sounds ever. Use a waterfall simulator or a small fountain, making it either a centerpiece or a small side d├ęcor. Not only does it set up a refreshing ambience right in your own yard, but it also produces negative ions that reduce dust and airborne allergens, and purify the air around you."

Friday, June 13, 2014

Big Ideas for Small Living Rooms: Indianapolis Furniture Arrangement

"Emphasize the Vertical Make your living room look bigger by keeping focus not only on the horizontal aspects of your space, but the vertical as well. You can opt to hang long draperies, tapestries or paintings from a high point in the wall until it droops down near the floor. This way, your visitors’ eyes will have to register the vertical aspect of your space. Regardless of the size of your room, it always pays to choose durable material like wicker furniture from Indianapolis stores. Don’t let having a small living room keep you from getting the best out of comfortable furniture."